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Introducing your step-by-by roadmap to start generating income online. With this course, you'll get easy to follow videos and pdfs that will make your road to online income as straightforward and simple as possible.

Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey

Founder of Green Financial Solutions, Registered Investment Advisor

I am the founder of Green Financial Solutions and creator of Financial Seeds, a premier personal finance blog. I am the Chairman of the Investment Selection Committee. I am a contributing writer to pieces that have been featured on and the Huffington Post.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. I was named one of California’s 40 under 40 by The Daily Investor.

I am a licensed and registered investment advisor. Green Financial Solutions is a member of FINRA, which requires a fiduciary responsibility. This means our company is legally required to put your interest before our own when it comes to any investment opportunity. But honestly, none of this is the REAL reason why you should let me be part of your journey to financial freedom.

The real reasons you should choose me to lead you on the path to wealth are these…

  • My primary income does not come from taking your money like most financial advisors. You’ll notice I charge pennies compared to most advisors. That’s because I make most of my income from investments. Most other financial advisors make their money by earning commissions on the products they sell you. I earn absolutely no commissions! There are no hidden fees.
  • I’m actually doing what you’re trying to do. By the age of 27, I created income streams totaling more than $110,000 per year. Before the age of 30, I had over $1 million in assets. I’m not giving you theoretical, generic advice. I’m giving you a strategy that I know works from my own experience.
  • I’m committed to giving. A portion of all profits are donated to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. One of my favorite quotes, “What good is money if it’s not used to do good.” I really live by that.

You can reach Craig at or (424) 253-6486

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